Quality public education with the best employment in Canada

Quality public education with the best employment in Canada

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Phone in Ukraine (044) 200-28-44 Canada, Toronto http://www.senecacollege.ca/

Seneca College

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Quality public education with the best employment in Canada

Seneca College is Canada’s largest public polytechnic college, founded in 1967 in Toronto in response to a government initiative to establish a comprehensive network of colleges of applied arts and technology in Ontario that provide high-quality career guidance courses and programs to the labor market. highly skilled workers to improve the country’s economy in difficult times. However, the college went further: its programs are constantly evolving, focusing on modern demands. For example, in 2001, Seneca College provided its students with undergraduate programs. 123helpme.me During this period, Seneca is one of six colleges that are able to offer up to 15% of degree programs out of their total.

Seneca College is a leader among Ontario colleges and universities in the number of formal partnership agreements (more than 70) with local and international higher education institutions in the United States, Australia, England and South Africa that allow college students and alumni to transfer using their educational credit. further successful admission and training at partner universities.

For international students, in addition to the most developed field of services, Seneca College has also provided scholarships for successful study.

The college is famous for the high level of employment of graduates, which has already become its prestigious distinctive feature compared to others. 9 out of 10 graduates find a job within the first few months after graduation.

Membership: Seneca College is part of many associations and groups focused on providing quality education, which ultimately has the potential to expand opportunities for both students and graduates. Thus, the college is a member of such associations as: Ontario Colleges (human rights organization for 24 provincial colleges), Association of Public Colleges of Canada (national “voice” of educational institutions), Canadian Bureau of International Education, Polytechnics Canada (association of eleven science-intensive colleges applied research), Civic Action (an alliance of leading business representatives) and various chambers of commerce (Chambers of Commerce) working with national, provincial and local businesses.

Location: Seneca College is based in Canada’s largest city Toronto. In the Huron language, its name sounds like a “meeting place”, which very accurately reflects his rich and fascinating life. Toronto is not only the capital of the province of Ontario, but also the cultural capital of all English-speaking Canada. Many attractions, museums, art centers, unique parks, nature reserves and natural landscapes, the famous Niagara Falls (just 100 km south) make visiting the city unforgettable.

Campuses: The College has ten campuses: five are located in Toronto and five in the York area: Jane Campus, King Campus, Markham Campus, Newnham Campus, Peterborough Campus, Seneca @ York Campus, Community Campuses. All of them have a convenient transport location and proximity to the sights of the city.

The infrastructure is represented by high-tech equipment, laboratories, libraries, thousands of the latest generation computers with the latest software, as well as a huge sports infrastructure, including a fitness center, ice rink (including hockey), football field, tennis courts , playground in baseball and more. There are a number of services for foreign students: international student service (providing, including a huge number of different activities), career service (assistance in internships and employment), academic advisor, international student consultant, also created a mentoring program for freshmen, tutoring, health insurance is provided and all services of the health center are provided.

Accommodation: The college accommodates students in student dormitories on its Newnham and King campuses, where the rooms are built in the form of apartments, and also provides accommodation in families and in a “room in the house” (which means living in a family where the student is responsible for meals).

If you have any questions about studying at Seneca College, please call: (044) 200-28-44.

Seneca College offers training in the following areas:


Seneca College offers students the following forms of study.

Full-time programs are divided into the following areas: animation, aviation, business, communications and public administration, social services, medical sciences, hospitality and tourism, information and communication technologies, law and public safety, media and design, performance, recreation and health, science and engineering technologies, summer institutes, preparation for the University of Arts and Sciences.

Part-time programs are represented by the following areas: business (finance, accounting, administration), social programs (health, safety, leisure), creativity (applied arts, design), education (teaching, training), environment (sustainability, green industry), humanities (humanities, general education), languages ​​(ESL, English, other languages), technologies (IT, computer, industry, construction).

Programs online correspondence – learning online and / or by correspondence provides flexibility and convenience of learning outside the traditional classroom, while adhering to the same standards of academic quality.

Advanced Diploma

Accounting and finance (Optional Co-op), animation, flight safety (Optional Co-op), biotechnology – advanced – (Optional Co-op); Business Administration – Entrepreneurship and Small Business / Financial Planning (Optional Co-op) / Human Resources (Optional Co-op) / International Business (Optional Co-op) / Management / Marketing (Optional Co-op) / Procurement and Supply Management; chemical engineering technology (Optional Co-op), chemical laboratory technology – pharmaceuticals (Optional Co-op), worker with children and youth, civil engineering technologies (joint program with York University) (Optional Co-op), computer engineering technologies Co- op), computer programming and analysis (Optional Co-op), computer system technologies (Optional Co-op), specialist in the development of electronics – communications, electronics technologies – communications (Optional Co-op) / control systems op), environmental technologies (Optional Co-op), cosmetologist-make-up artist and spa therapy, fashion art, fashion business management, fire protection technologies (Optional Co-op), graphic design, mechanical engineering technology – construction sciences (Optional Co-op) op) / industrial design.


911 and communications of emergency services, academic modernization, accounting methods, flights of airlines, applied sciences and technological bases, basics of art, fashion training, firefighter, education and training before work, flight services, flower design, study of forensic proceedings, basics of art – One Year Certificate, basics of hospitality, independent music production, mechanic, methods of mechanics – CNC programming, Pre-business, Pre-medical sciences, Pre-media (media and basics of communication), tourism – travel and underwater skills.


Bachelor of Aviation Technology (Co-op), Bachelor of Child Development – (Co-op); Bachelor of Commerce – Degree in Business Management (Co-op) / Degree in Financial Services, Management (Co-op) / Degree in Human Resource Development Strategy and Technology (Co-op) / Degree in International Accounting and Finance (Co-op ) / International Business Management (Co-op); Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Research (Co-op), Bachelor of Engineering and Technology – Computer Science and Security (Co-op) / Software Development (Co-op); Bachelor of Therapeutic Rehabilitation (Co-op), Nursing – (joint bachelor’s program BScN York University and Seneca College).


Accounting and Payroll (Optional Co-op), Accounting, Camera and Voice Playing, Aviation (Optional Co-op), Behavioral Sciences, Broadcasting – Radio, Broadcasting – Radio – (with Seneca / York), Television broadcasting, television broadcasting (with Seneca / York), building systems engineering (Optional Co-op), business insurance / international business / marketing, chemical laboratory technicians, child development practitioners, engineering techniques (Optional Co-op), computer networks and technical support, computer programmer, cosmetic methods and management, court and administrative tribunal (Articulated), creative advertising, creative advertising (with Seneca / York), preschool education (Co-op Apprenticeship Diploma), preschool education (intensive program / accelerated), electronic engineering technician – broadband cable / computers, ecological landscape management (Co-op), ecologist – sampling and control, ecologist (Optional Co-op), cosmetologist-makeup artist, productio n – events and mass media, fashion business, financial services – services for clients, fire protection specialist, fitness and healthcare, hospitality management – hotels and restaurants (Optional Co-op), independent digital photography, independent illustration, interactive media design, international transport and customs, journalism (with Seneca / York), journalism, clerk (regular / accelerated program), humanities, library and information technology (regular / accelerated), technical specialist (tool design), Office Administration – Executive, Office Administration – Legal , Administrative Management, Opticianry (Co-op), Assistant Lawyer (Normal / Accelerated), Fundamentals of Police, Practical Nursing, Public Administration – Municipality, Real Estate Management (Assessment and Certification) (Normal / accelerated), leisure and leisure (Co -op), social worker – gerontology / immigrants and refugees (usually accelerated), tourism and travel – travel service / meeting, conventions a nd conferences (Optional Co-op), veterinarian, art of visual merchandising.